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Fearless Trust, at 8 weeks old

Recently, we just celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. Her name is Fearless Trust. That is her first name. She actually has a different middle name. And to answer another popular question, yes, 95% of the time, we actually do call her Fearless Trust and not just Fearless.

I get asked a lot about the story behind where her name came from. I thought the story might be relevant to you all, so here it is.

If you asked me the number one thing I have struggled with in my life, my answer to you would be fear. I grew up afraid.

Now you might be saying, afraid of what? And to that I say, what wasn’t I afraid of?  I was afraid of what other people would think of me. I was afraid of how other people would treat me. I was afraid of being judged. I was afraid of being accused. I was afraid of being myself. I was afraid of being a kid. I was afraid of being punished. I was afraid of having no future.

In fact, I grew up being trained to be afraid. If things went too long in my family without something wrong happening, I remember my parents commenting that they were getting really nervous for something really bad that was about to happen.  There always was just an atmosphere of fear.

Fear is the worst enemy that I currently know of.  It can be incredibly disabling and for some, even drive you insane.  It is a battle that is serious and not of small consequence.

When I found out I was pregnant, I began researching and praying about names.  In talking with the husby, I told him that I really felt like naming our children after things that we wanted in our family legacy.  Things that our family would be known for.  And as we named each child, we would be giving them a greater piece of that legacy to them and speaking that meaning over them each time we called them by name.  He thought that was great.  So then we started making a list of things we wanted our family legacy to be known for.  Overcoming fear and being able to fearlessly trust God was at the top of that list.  We played around with that for while and eventually came up with a very specific name:  Fearless Trust.

Even now, after one year has passed, it seems totally normal and right that we gave her this name.  She really does have a fearless attitude and yet her trust of us is significant.  I am really glad to speak this over her each time her name is said.  I love that we are creating a legacy against fear in our lives as a family.

What do you want your family to be known for?