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This is a series dedicated to showing you a real life event that occurred in my household and how I went about treating it in a natural way.  Sometimes people learn best this way and love to get exposure to this over time.  So I hope this helps you.  It’s taking remedies and turning them into real life action.  Just knowing the remedies exist does you no good if you don’t take action and learn how to apply them in real life.  ❤

Today, my 12 month old accidentally got another boo boo.  A little bump on the head.  She instantly started to cry.  I could see where she had hit her head, starting to turn red and swell a little.

So here’s what I did to treat it naturally.  Very first thing I did was scoop her up in my arms, spoke soothingly to her, and ran for the Bach’s Rescue Remedy.  I have it in spray form.  She immediately calmed down upon seeing that and opened her mouth.  She knows by now how much it helps her feel better.  A spray or two is all it takes.  At this point, crying lessened, but was still happening.  Bach’s Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic remedy made from the essences of flowers.  It is amazing for traumas, accidents, any time your adrenaline gets pumping, or your emotions are out of whack for no apparent reason.  We actually never step out of the house without this stuff.  Seriously.  It works THAT good.

The next thing I reached for was my bottle of Frankincense essential oil (EO).  I took one drop in my hand, then rubbed that between both my hands.  I rubbed some on the top of her head, some on her chest and the bottoms of her feet.  I then rubbed some on my own chest where she could smell it on me if I held her.  Finally, I took my hands and put them near her nose so she could take a couple of breaths from it.  At this point, she stops crying completely.  Frankincense is great for healing anything traumatic.  Sometimes when you get hurt, it’s not how much it hurts in that moment, but the traumatic memory of it all or the impact of the trauma itself.  Frankincense is incredible for that.

The next thing I reach for is my Arnica in tablet/pill form where it can be taken internally and I give her the correct dosage for her age.  Arnica internally helps with the actual bump and bruise part, helping the body to heal itself and speed healing.  I don’t know the actual damage or if she may have hurt her neck or anything, so I give the arnica to help with whatever damage may have happened at the site of where she bumped herself.

Finally, I take out my Arnica in gel form.  I can see where the mark is on her head and I apply a little bit of the Arnica gel right on where the mark is.  If it did end up being a situation where it could bruise, this helps it to avoid bruising and speed healing and really minimizes any damage that may have occurred.

So in less than 2 minutes, all the above happened.  My little 12 month old doesn’t even seem like anything happened now.  She is totally calm, reassured, and ready to play again.

If you have a scenario you would like to submit for this series, just comment below, email me at BlackSheepPrincess@gmail.com, or post it on my facebook page.  ❤