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Diet is a 4-Letter Word.

I love to talk with people.  I love seeing where they are at, getting different viewpoints on things.  When I listen well, I notice certain common themes.  Lately, I’ve been noticing a common theme among certain people when they talk about eating healthy.  The observations have been very interesting to me.

To hear some people discussing eating healthy, it doesn’t sound good.  Nope.  Not good at all.  They describe eating healthy overall like it’s a diet.  Now that’s a slippery slope right there.  Diet is a 4-letter word to most people.  When you hear the word “diet”, what do you instantly think of?  What do you think most people think of?  To hear them talk about diet, this is the gist of what I hear.

They think diet means temporary.  Diet means something you’re going to “try” for awhile and see “how it goes.”  Diet means, “uh-oh,” “something I’m not going to like, but it’s good for me”, and I just need to “buck myself up” and “force myself” to “get through it.”  I mean, I can go on, but why don’t we just start with these?

If I were describing a new product I had just found, and I described it like that above, how many of you would take me up on it?  Not many.  I don’t know if I would even try it.  It sounds hard, unappealing, and something to the possible equivalent of self torture or like you need to spank yourself.  I mean, WOW.  I mean, we all need to grow up sometimes, and do adult like things, like pay bills.  How much fun is paying bills really?  Or taking out the garbage.  Again, it’s just something you gotta do, not much fun, but necessary.  But to say that eating healthy is like that or possibly worse is just wrong.  Can you say, at the very least, you are setting yourself up to fail?  And in reality, it just couldn’t be further than the truth.  That’s the sad part for me.  It’s all a big lie in your mind to describe it like this.

Let me tell you what eating healthy is to me.  It’s fun.  I enjoy it.  I enjoy it better than any junk food, any fast food restaurant, any other glamorous restaurant I have ever been to.  Eating healthy is a lifestyle. It’s permanent.  I love it.  I REALLY, REALLY do.  I don’t count calories.  I don’t add up fat or carbs for the day.  I eat what I want, usually when I want it.  I have the most delicious things imaginable.  I eat fat.  Lots of it.  I have sugar.  I have butter and cheese and real salt, and potatoes and steak and desserts and especially chocolate, and all those other things you’re not “supposed” to have.  And I don’t eat anything I don’t want to.  I don’t eat any crappy diet foods.  When I have a craving, I answer it.  And I do all of this without having a weight issue.  I don’t get up the next morning and wonder what the scale is going to say.  I’m not worried about the scale at all.  And I’m not just saying that.  You can come to my house and see if you want.  Just make an appointment so I don’t get up and like call the cops because some weird person is stalking me in my front yard all because they didn’t let me know they were coming.  ;D

I just feel so sad to hear that people out there are referring to eating healthy like it is a hard diet to follow.  Or hear that they can’t make their spouses or their kids get on board.  When I hear those things, I just feel sad for them.  It’s just a lack of what eating healthy is.  And who could blame you when there is so much wrong information out there and lots of propaganda, (yes, that is a strong word, and that’s exactly what it is too,) teaching a message that is all lies?

This is all good news, people.  Eating healthy is not hard.  But I know it is made out to be.  And for that, even though it is not my fault, I apologize.

See, if eating healthy isn’t easier and better tasting than fast food, how are you going to change?  And why would you?  So many people would rather die a few years earlier and actually enjoy those years than live longer and it be miserable.  Maybe you have such amazing discipline that even if eating healthier wasn’t easier and better tasting, that you would stick with it anyway.  But what about your spouse?  Your kid?  Your best friend?  Maybe they don’t.

Everyone has different tastes.  My husby is a dessert person so he has a huge sweet tooth.  I, on the other hand, I am a salty and soda person.  So I went on a search according to our likes.  I can’t ask my husby to stop being a dessert person.  Let’s be realistic.  That’s not gonna happen.  And I’m not going to stop like salty things and sodas.  Why do I want to give that up?  I really don’t.  But none of these things are roadblocks to eating healthy.  In fact, I use these things to my advantage.

A diet would require, in most cases, for you to forget these parts of yourself, to deny them, and to forgo these parts of you.  But truly eating healthy utilizes these things about yourself.  That is what is SO awesome about truly eating healthy.  These parts of you don’t just stay, they start to shine like the wonderful things they are.  I don’t feel guilty for loving salty things and sodas.  And my husby doesn’t feel guilty when his sweet tooth peeks out for some sunshine.

The real thing that needs to change is how you THINK in your mind about what eating healthy really means.  Once you open yourself to the real possibilities of what eating healthy can be to you and your family, that’s when things start to change.  And they won’t change overnight, but I promise you the adventure will be MOST enjoyable.  ❤